The Wright Stuff

Our bees work hard to make your life sweeter.

The Bee Beginning

Beekeeping is much more than providing delicious honey.  It's also about protecting the planet.  Honeybees pollinate one third of everything we eat.  Without their hard work we'd have fewer food choices and grocery store prices would drastically rise.  I began keeping bees after doing news reports for WTAE TV on Colony Collapse Disorder. I interviewed expert Jim Fitzroy, owner of Fitzroy Apiary, and became fascinated with honeybees.  They are amazing and the sweet honey is just a bonus. 

We now have hives in several parts of  beautiful Western Pennsylvania:  on the grounds of Saint Francis convent at Mount Alvernia in Millville, at a family homestead's garden in  Penn Hills, and at a large organic farm in Evans City, Butler County.  Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy!