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The best part of extracting

Michelle Wright
extracting honey

This is my favorite part of extracting honey.  I get to stand by the tank and taste the leftover bits of honey-filled wax as Jim Fitzroy slices off the wax capping to prepare for honey extraction.   Preparing for this point is a LOT of work.  It takes all day to get  the heavy supers off of the hive and haul them up to the extractor. It's all worth it once we get everything set up and pull out the individual frames.  I took this picture of Jim Fitzroy slicing off the wax capping that holds the honey inside the comb.  This process helps the honey come out easier when it spins in the extractor. We normally do this twice a year.  We inspect each frame in hopes that we can find the perfect one to enter into the state competition. We just might have it this year!